It Pays to be Sustainable

Cargill, VBP+ and BIXS are seeking cattle producers to join the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot, an effort to establish verified sustainable supply chains.

This pilot aims to deliver beef that meets the sustainability standards in development by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Our goal is to promote the vitality of Canadian beef in order to strengthen consumer trust and encourage customer investments in our industry.


Beef sustainability claims increase Canadian consumers’ willingness to buy by more than 30 percent.*

*“Driving Traffic Through Sustainability,” Cargill, 2017.

How it Pays

  • Get verified through VBP+ as a sustainable Canadian operation

  • Allow BIXS to track your cattle through verified operations to Cargill

  • Earn credits quarterly for all cattle that resulted in beef from a fully verified supply chain


All Canadian cow-calf operations, backgrounders and feedlots are eligible to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the pilot work?

  • We will track cattle through a fully verified sustainable supply chain, then track beef through Cargill’s system to participating customers

  • Operations are only eligible to merit credits after successful completion of an audit

  • All operations that handle your cattle must have successfully completed an audit

  • The pilot will start in October 2017 and run for a minimum of one year. The first credit payments will be awarded at the start of 2018 and continue quarterly

Why should I participate?

  • Keep Canada on the leading edge of global beef sustainability efforts

  • Strengthen the vitality of our industry

  • Earn financial credits for cattle raised in a fully verified supply chain

What is the reward for participation?

  • The amount of credits producers can earn will vary based on the volume delivered as well as participation from the industry as a whole

How do I participate?

  • Get trained and audited by VBP+

  • Register with BIXS

  • Give VBP+ and BIXS permission to include your data in anonymous, aggregated reports to the project team

  • Provide the necessary information to enable credit payments

For more information, contact
Gurneesh Bhandal
, Sustainability Manager, Cargill

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